HemoRel-A is a 250 IU and 500 IU preparation of clotting factor VIII. HemoRel-A is indicated for replacement of factor VIII in patients, who have factor VIII deficiency i.e. patients diagnosed with haemophilia A. Factor VIII replacement is the therapy of choice for clotting disorder in haemophilia A.

HemoRel-A is purified Factor VIII manufactured by ion exchange chromatography. It contains intact Factor VIII complex i.e. F VIII:C and von Willebrand Factor (vWF) and fibrinogen is below detection levels. HemoRel-A is made virus safe by Double Viral Inactivation: by Solvent-Detergent method and Heat treatment.

The product pack is user-friendly and kit includes one 20 ml syringe, two needles, water for injection, syringe filter and spirit swab.