FostiRel is recombinant follitropin beta stimulating hormone (r-FSH). FSH is a fertility hormone that is responsible for folliculogenesis and ovulation in females. It also indicated for spermatogenesis in males.

Amongst females with infertility, ovulatory problems like anovulation are responsible for around 25% of cases, while in case of males, azoospermia or oligzoospermia are most prominent contributing reasons.

Recombinant FSH, since it is a pure protein product, containing only FSH and no contaminants, subcutaneous administration is advocated. In this case, the pharmacokinetics does not seem to be affected. Subcutaneous administration, in fact, improves the patient compliance.

FostiRel is available as multi dose vials in strengths of 300 IU, 900 IU and 1200 IU. Multiple tests prove the product to be exactly similar to the innovator, in terms of product identity and purity.