RLS offers cutting edge training courses on various aspects of cell culture techniques. Based on the competency requirement of the participants, the program is divided into two different modules:

Module1: Basic Cell Culture Technique

Module 2: Human Embryonic Stem Cell Culture

Reliance Life Sciences has conducted hands-on Human Embryonic Stem Cell (hESC) training workshops since 2006. Recently the training course has been extended to include one more module covering various aspects of mammalian cell culture research.

To date, over 40 participants have successfully completed the training course on hESC culture. Course participants have included academic and biotechnology company researchers, post-graduate students, technologists and clinicians from India and abroad (China, Kuwait, Mexico and Latvia).

RLS will be conducting five days training courses on various aspects of cell culture including stem cell culture. Based on the competency requirement of the participants the classes are available in two different modules.

Module 1 (Basic level) : Basics of Mammalian Cell Culture

The major objective of this course is to develop basic aseptic skills for carrying out mammalian cell culture. This training will cover the following techniques:
  • Basic good laboratory practices for sterile handling of mammalian cells and cell culture reagents

  • Culture and maintenance of cells (both adherent and suspension ) in-vitro

  • Sub-culturing of primary cells and immortalized cell lines

  • Identify cell morphology and possible contaminants

  • Cell counting and assessment of viability

  • Determination of population doublings

  • Thawing of cells

  • Cryo-preservation of cells and good record-keeping

  • Demonstration of immunofluorescence staining
Module 2 (Advanced level): Human Embryonic Stem Cell Culture

Our training course on Human Embryonic Stem Cell Culture covers the following techniques:
  • Thawing, inactivation and plating of mouse embryonic fibroblast cells

  • Thawing of human Embryonic Stem Cells

  • Culture and daily care of human Embryonic Stem Cells in a MEF feeder system

  • Culture and daily care of human Embryonic Stem Cells in a feeder free system

  • Passaging (manual/ enzymatic) of human Embryonic Stem Cells

  • Differentiation in vitro: Embryoid body (EB) formation

  • hESC characterization: immunoflourescence staining, Reverse transcriptase- Polymerase Chain Reaction, FACS analysis
Unique Features of the Course
  • The course will offer both theoretical and hands-on-experience with classes emphasizing on practical applications. This training approach gives the participants in-depth understanding of stem cell biology that will help them in the design of their future research projects

  • Each participant will receive a folder containing documentation relevant to stem cell research

  • Participants will receive continuous support including troubleshooting

  • A certificate will be awarded to the participants upon completion of the course

Candidates interested in any of the above courses should have a basic understanding and knowledge of cell biology. Previous experience of tissue culture techniques is preferable in Module 2 .


The course staff consists of a team of experienced scientists and highly skilled technical support staff from the Regenerative Medicine Group of Reliance Life Sciences.

Limited Seats

A maximum of five participants will be accepted for each course to ensure a low teacher student ratio and to make learning effective, interesting and interactive.

Once you have selected the module you want to attend, you may fill in the Registration Form and send it by email or fax at the address mentioned below.

Training Course Schedule.

The courses are held twice a year for each module. The next schedule is mentioned below.

Module 1 -  Oct. 29 - Nov. 2, 2012
Module 2 -  Sept. 10 - 14, 2012


Reliance Life Sciences,
Dhirubhai Ambani Life Sciences Centre,
R-282, Thane Belapur Road, Rabale,
Navi Mumbai- 400701,

For further details, Please contact : rls.regenmed@relbio.com