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ReliNethra® C is an autologous bio-engineered composite conjunctival epithelial cell graft comprising of conjunctival epithelial stem cells cultured ex-vivo on an extracellular carrier matrix for treating conjunctival disorders.

It is prepared from the conjunctival biopsy excised from the superior fornix preferably of contralateral healthy eye of the patient. It results in re-epithelialization of the damaged or diseased conjunctival surface.

ReliNethra® C is composed of conjunctival epithelial stem cells grown on denuded human amniotic membrane with scattered explants.

It is a 4 cm2 denuded human amniotic membrane with autologous conjunctival epithelial cells expanded from conjunctival explants.

ReliNethra® C transplant leads to renewal of ocular surface epithelial cells thereby replacing the damaged ocular surface with smooth and healthy cells.

Conjunctival stem cell transplant results in restoration of physiological and functional conjunctival epithelium of the damaged or diseased eye.

ReliNethra® C is indicated in patients with damaged or diseased conjunctival surface requiring surgical correction of pterygium, symblepharon, chronic allergic conjunctivitis, toxic epidermal necrolysis, wide field excision of tumours, and/or chemical injuries.

The protocol of the product includes Agreement with the doctor, informed consent of the patient, planning for conjunctival biopsy of the same patient, processing into the ReliNethra® C graft and planning the transplantation in the affected eye.