Medical Products

ReliHeal® Hydrate is an amorphous hydrogel formulated to provide moist wound environment to dry necrotic wound and thereby enhances wound healing by preventing wound desiccation and promotes autolytic debridement.

ReliHeal® Hydrate hydrogel donates moisture to the dry necrotic wound and ensures a moist wound environment and promotes in faster healing. ReliHeal® Hydrate also re-hydrates the necrotic tissues, loosens slough and exudates from the wound.

ReliHeal® Hydrate hydrogel is indicated as a primary dressing for the management of dry necrotic and sloughy wounds with nil-very low exudates in leg ulcers, pressure sores, surgical wounds and diabetic foot ulcers.

ReliHeal® Hydrate is available as a 15/50 gm tube.